Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Henry Wadsworth Longfellow bibliography at the Maine Historical Society web site offers a basic bibliography of print sources where readers can find more information on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, his life, his works, and his influence.


The majority of these sources can be found at the Maine Historical Society Research Library. Minerva, Maine’s online catalog, includes about half of the resources cataloged online, while the remaining sources are available in the onsite physical catalog of the Society.


The Library’s scrapbook collection is also available and includes hundreds of news clippings and similar resources. For further information, contact the Maine Historical Society’s Research Library at (207) 774-1822 x209.

Poems on Slavery (1842)

Poems of Places (thirty-one volumes) at the Hathi Trust Digital Library. Longfellow published eight volumes in 1876, ten volumes in 1877, six volumes in 1878, and seven volumes in 1879. The anthology is organized by place and country

Manuscript page of the 1840 ballad “The Village Blacksmith”

Longfellow at 200 Exhibit by Christoph Irmscher, Houghton Library Harvard University