Twentieth Century American Poetry

Mapping Twentieth Century Poetry and Poetics

Schedule and projects to be announced in early March

Ezra Pound Personae; Cantos; Selected essays
T. S. Eliot Collected Poems, Selected Essays
Wallace Stevens Collected Poems, The Necessary Angel
William Carlos Williams Collected Poems, Paterson; Selected Essays
Marianne Moore Collected Poems, Selected Prose
Gertrude Stein Tender Buttons, portraits, Stanzas in Meditation, selected essays
H.D. Selected Poems
Mina Loy Last Lunar Baedeker
e. e. cummings Selected Poems
Hart Crane  White Buildings, The Bridge
Robert Frost Collected Poems, Selected Prose
Langston Hughes Selected Poetry
Jean Toomer Cane— Selected Poems (selectively)
Louis Zukofksy Short Poems, “A”
George Oppen Collected Poems
Charles Reznikoff Selected Poems
Laura Riding Selected Poems
Charles Olson Selected Poems, Maximus Poems, selected essays
Robert Lowell Selected Poems; selected essays
Theodore Roethke Collected Poems; Poet and his Craft
John Berryman Selected Poems, Dream Songs
Elizabeth Bishop Selected Poems, selected prose
John Ashbery Selected Poems
Frank O’Hara Selected Poems; “Personism”
Kenneth Koch On the Great Atlantic Rainway
Allen Ginsberg Collected Poems 1947-1980
Gary Snyder Riprap, Back Country, Turtle Island, No Nature
Amiri Baraka Selected Poems
James Wright Collected Poems
Robert Creeley Selected Poems
Adrienne Rich Fact of a Doorframe, selected essays
Sylvia Plath Selected Poems
Gwendolyn Brooks Selected Poems
James Merrill Selected Poems
A. R. Ammons Selected Poems
Charles Bernstein A Poetics