I will ask each of you to complete a project proposal that will include a detailed timeline with due dates for your work.  A good deal of the project work in the first half of the course will be determined by the descriptive writing, research, and editorial process required for publication in the resource guide. This process is outlined on the Timeline Page. In the second half of the course the arc of your intellectual work will be more self-directed. In every case it is imperative that you set and meet deadlines so that I am able to give your work the attention it deserves.

The intellectual work you complete in this course will take shape on a blog––a digital portfolio that will document your activities as a reader, thinker, and writer. The digital space will allow you to organize your thinking in writing as well as in audio and/or video. The portfolio will be useful as well for making visible the ongoing cultural work of poetry and poetics.

The projects you complete in the course will include: 1) writing commentaries for a resource guide American Poetry and Poetics; 2) memorizing lines of poetry; 3) writing about poems and the conversations among readers and writers these poems generate.