Week 8 Oct 16–22

Monday October 17

Wednesday October 19

Only recently has the wonderful word rant come to mean “an angry or aggressive tirade or diatribe.” I, instead, invoke rant in its earlier, nobler form. Starting around 1600, to rant meant to express oneself in “an extravagant or hyperbolic manner”—with the important caveat that this was understood to be a good thing. The archaic noun form is even more cheering, as a rant was “a boisterous, lively, or riotous scene or occasion; a festive gathering; a romp; a spree.” It is in that spirit that I have shared Rants from the Hill with you for the past six years. Take care of yourself, and your own small corner of the planet, and keep laughing.

I also recommend Such Sweet Sorrow: An Airy Meditation on Flatulence and Independence. (Browse the titles and the essays, at least until HCN says you need to subscribe!)