Week 7 Oct 9–15

This week we will not meet in the classroom. This will give you the time and space to 1) choose and get to know the author you have chosen for your next essay and 2) preparation for our individual conferences next week.

  • If you have not already, settle on an author for your next essay. Find a collection of essays and begin reading. Read as a writer and keep notes;
  • Work on your most recent essay. Last week, my descriptive comments on your essays—all written with revision in mind—focused on “showing up.” And as editors and writers this week, we will all be asking what it might mean to “show up” in an essay. We will be working from the two qualities Nicole Wallack underscores in the interview you read by her: 1) To communicate an idea and 2) To create the conditions for the reader to care about the idea;
  • Revise your earlier essays. Each of the essays, at the very least, deserves rereading and rethinking based on what you have learned in the course since you write the essay. Consider your presence as a writer, and the idea, and revise accordingly (title, epigraph, sentences, paragraphs);
  • Work on your blog: consider the blog as a writer’s portfolio that you will use to present yourself as a thinker and writer to anyone who might be interested in you as a thinker and writer (for example, a potential employer or an editor who has expressed interest in your work). Consider all of the dimensions of the blog we have talked about: your WP theme (banner images, title, tagline, sidebars, widgets, license);  the format of your essays (essay titles, epigraphs, sentences, paragraphs, categories and tags, taglines, captions, and other WP features); the content of your blog (an author’s page, perhaps a page with samples of other writing you want to feature as part of your portfolio profile);
  • Write a 1–2 page reflective essay and send to Mark twenty-four hours before you conference meeting. The refelction will include 1) the most important things you have learned during the first part of the course, 2) the work that you have accomplished that demonstrates what you have learned in the course, and 3) your goals as a writer for the remainder of the semester.

On Wednesday October 5 we will schedule the conferences. Your conference with Mark will be in his office: 308 Parker Hall. (We will also be scheduling a second individual conference in early November as you begin work on the essay sequence.)