Title Tagline and Theme

Title and Tagline

Now that you have your WordPress installed and running, it’s time to look at some basic settings for your site. The place that you will access the settings for your site is called the Dashboard, and it provides the starting point for accessing all of WordPress’s settings and options. You can access your Dashboard by adding “/wp-admin” to your WordPress site’s URL, or through the link available in your main Installatron dashboard.

To change your blog “title” and “tagline,” go to Settings > General. Once you’re on the General Settings page, you can give your blog any title you want. You can also give your blog a tagline, which can be a short description of the blog.

Depending on what theme you use, the title and tagline will show up in various places. In the case of some themes, they might not show up at all depending on whether they allow custom configurations. We won’t worry about that for now. If you use the default theme (currently “Twenty Twenty-Two”), the blog title and tagline will display at the top of the site.

WordPress Themes

When it comes to WordPress, customizing the look of your site is simple and straightforward. When you install WordPress, the default (or pre-set) theme is called Twenty Twenty-Two. You can also easily modify the colors of the different fonts and backgrounds used in the theme.

You can find out more about customizing the homepage layout here. You can also read more general information about the default theme Twenty Twenty-Two. In addition to Twenty Twenty-Two, you’ll have other themes available to you. You can activate another theme on your site or install a completely new one.

Activating Themes

  • Start at your WordPress site’s Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Appearance > Themes in the left-hand menu navigation. You will see “Themes” after mousing over “Appearance.” Click on “Themes.”
  • You will see thumbnail images representing each of the themes currently installed. Simply mouse over any one of them, and click the Activate link.

That’s all you need to do to change the look of your site with a new theme. Themes can be further customized after activation by going to Appearance > Customize. Customization options will vary with the installed theme.

Installing Themes

If none of the themes that were provided when you installed WordPress are what you’re looking for, you can always search for and install other themes from the WordPress Theme Repository.

  • Navigate to Appearance > Themes in the left-hand menu navigation. You will see “Themes” after mousing over “Appearance.” Click on “Themes.”
  • Installing new themes is quite simple. You start by going to the Add New Button.
  • When you mouse over the thumbnail picture of a theme three choices should appear:  InstallPreview, and Details & PreviewPreview lets you see what your content would look like without committing you to installing the theme. Details & Preview does the same, but allows you to see the description of the theme while previewing.  Click Install to add a new theme to your theme menu options.
  • Once the theme is installed, an Activate button will appear in place of the Install button. Click Activate to make the theme live.

Once activated, your site will be using the new theme. Visit your site’s homepage to view your new theme.