On Teaching and Learning

The privilege of study in a college classroom is the experience of higher standards than what you are used to and becoming aware of these standards so as to enlarge your own sense of what can be done.

Your job in the class is to do your best: to hold yourself accountable to your best reading, writing, and thinking. The work that you produce will not in every case be the best that you can do, as you have busy lives and other priorities. But in every case you will work with the time you create for this class and make the most of that time.

My job is to help you get the most of out of the reading we will be doing together, our discussions, and your writing. As a teacher I work hard to practice what I expect from my students. My hope is that together our practice will embody the values that inform the most satisfying and rewarding intellectual work: centeredness, wholeness, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, imagination, and collaboration.