Beyond The Ending

Job and graduate school mentoring

This semester Dr. Emily Sharpe will be providing mentoring to English majors with job and graduate school applications, including help with cover letters, resumes, personal essays, interview prep and mock interviews––whatever you might need.

Emily will visit our class early in the semester. And she will have open office hours for students of all levels on Mondays 12-3, Wednesdays 12-3, and Thursday 2-4. Meetings during these times are available by appointment to assure that your time slot is assured.

In addition, Emily will be running group sessions on topics like what you can do with a BA in English, graduate education, freelancing, etc. The first session is on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 6-7pm in 113 Parker Hall, and the topic is graduate school–what is it, why might you want to go, and how will you pay for it?

Interested in learning more about internships?

Dr. Kate Tirabassi has three guest speakers coming to her internship class this semester and all English majors are invited to attend. The events are Wednesdays, 10:00-11:45.

  • February 13: Guest Speaker: Melanie Plenda Washer, Freelance Writer and Granite State News Collaborative Director with Communication Internship class
  • February 20: Guest Speaker: Melissa Farmer, Program Manager C&S Wholesale Grocers on Hiring Process
  • March 20: Guest Speaker, Paul Hoffman, Director of Communications, Symphony, Inc.

If you are interested in attending an event, please contact Kate at