Editorial Assistants

Designated editorial assistants (see the Timeline) are responsible for 1) reading all of the essays posted on Sunday, 2) posting editorial commentaries by the end of the day on Wednesday, and 3) sharing editorial insights during the in-class workshop on Thursday.

Most of the time you dedicate to this class will be thinking and rethinking as writers. However, as a designated editorial assistant, you will also be working with me to set up and guide a writing workshop during the semester. On the one hand, this responsibility is an additional job of work; on the other hand, reading and thinking and taking notes on your peer’s essays, and sharing those notes with members of this editorial team, will in most cases make your primary work as a writer more informed, and more effective.

We will share our editorial commentaries in this Google Doc. The link provides access to a document in which we can edit synchronously or asynchronously; moreover, the shared document will allow us to learn from one another not only how we are looking at these pieces of writing but what we are seeing. In every case, we will need your comments in the document no later than Wednesday—the earlier the better. Please organize your comments alongside other comments or examples, and help the group organize our editorial themes. Our goal is to get to a manageable set of elements we can discuss with the class on Thursday.

I am happy to meet with the editorial assistants before class, or talk by e-mail, if that will help in preparing for this class responsibility.