Discussion Partners

Each day of class when we are discussing essays this semester we will be rewarded with the insights of two discussion partners. The responsibility of the discussion partners is simple: send Mark your notes on the reading by midnight on the day before the class discussion. Your notes, page references for passages, a draft of an essay you are working on, a list of questions—the form is what you want it to be

If the text we are reading for the class session is available in a digital format (a web page or a pdf document) we can use the annotation tool hypothes.is to make visible our reading before our discussion. The advantage of this tool is that we have an archive of our commentary for reference

Every discussion partner should, however, provide me with at least five page references or quotations as examples. I will then post what you send on the Workshops page and we will use what you come up with as a place to start, and to enrich our in-class discussion. Also, I will expect you to be a bit more active in class and will look to you to help carry the discussion. I am happy to meet with you before class or talk by email if that will help you to prepare for the responsibility