On Creation (First Thoughts)

Termites are a type of eusocial insect primarily concerned with eating plant material like wood and working for the benefit of their colony. Considering the often times wooden homes that humans have constructed for themselves, it isn’t hard to discern why they’re typically thought of as a pest. Most of the websites I found with … Continue reading “On Creation (First Thoughts)”

Aisle 5

I’ve never fully understood why seeing elderly men in the grocery store can arouse in me such gut-wrenching melancholy. What is it about them that suggests the very essence of […]

Essays: A Piece of Art or Literature

We are taught from a young age to read and write. By the time students enter the first grade, they are generally fully equipped with the knowledge to sing the alphabet and write some simple sentences containing one or two nouns. As a grade school student, I remember circling the sentences that were incorrect during […]

Writing and Things Like Writing

An essay can be compared to a melting pot. Our experiences, emotions, and beliefs are the main ingredients that are intertwined together and boiled down to create an innovative dish. Each one of us has our own taste buds that are a bit different and we will all find a different dish that we like […]

The Lottery Analysis

Old Man Warner snorted.  “Pack of crazy fools,” he said.  “Listening to the young folks, nothing’s good enough for them.  Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to go back to living in caves, nobody work any more, live that way for a while.  Used to be a saying about ‘Lottery in June, corn be […]

A Doll House Reflection

The Analysis that I did of A Doll House was one of my favorite analysis pieces that I have written. Although there was a very rigid structure that had to be met, I enjoyed having the freedom to express my viewpoint of Nora, her husband Torvald, and their marriage. I felt that their relationship was […]

Sequence Reflection

In my sequence of three essays, I aimed to raise questions within my audience. I wanted to establish my viewpoints of the work life balance without sounding condescending or pretentious. Over the course of the three essays, I tried my best to engage with readers in the way that felt most natural to me, “To […]

Adrienne Rich: Would You Like To Make A Comment? Reflection

In this Essay, I chose to write about Adrienne Rich, because I felt her rebellious feelings of discontentment towards the education system was liberating. Being a student myself, it was fascinating to read about another woman’s outlook on higher education. It is even more fascinating to read about a woman’s opinion on the subject that […]

Essays: A Piece of Art or Literature Reflection

In this essay, I wanted to discuss the problems we face in society in regards to education. The first few sentences are somewhat of an immersive image into my outlook on education, “We are taught from a young age to read and write. By the time students enter the first grade, they are generally fully […]

Writing and Things Like Writing Reflection

In this essay, my goal was to allow readers to use their imaginations and understand that writing is similar to everyday life. I wanted to capture the concept that everything in life is “infinite,” including writing. As we have discussed, writing is a process. There are always new concepts that grab our interests. In the […]