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December 2022

A Rhetorical and Holistic Analysis on David Foster Wallace’s Essay Writing 

Intro:  David Foster Wallace (DFW) is one of those rare writers who elicits either the most extreme love or hatred in his writing, there seems to be no middle ground between readers of his. He is best known for his rather large novel Infinite Jest, published in 1996, being just over 1,000 pages long and […]

Objects and Relationships: The Protein Shake, Dieting, and My Sister 

During junior year of high school, I was a “vegetarian”. The word vegetarian certainly carries a lot of weight for me. I (as many people can relate to) hated the way my body looked. The only solution to the problem of my body seemed clear to me; I needed to diet. To avoid suspicion from […]

Lazy Writing ‘Essay for My Digital Ethics Class’

          Every year millions of videos are removed from platforms such as YouTube automatically. These claims are often times flagged and submitted by a computer program rather than by a person. These algorithms are coded so that if they see something that has been marked as copyrighted and its not uploaded by an approved then […]

Cloning, What is it?

When it comes to genetic engineering many people picture growing a person in a tube from artificially grown genes, and to a point they are not wrong, they are also missing so much of what else it encompasses. Genetic engineering can be something that can be as extreme as cloning an individual, or as minor […]

Gaming and Self Care

When I think of video games on of the main things that I think about is story telling. The point of a good video game is to tell a good story that the players will want to come back to and experience again and again or to talk about it with their friends so that […]

Tapping into Tapper

You could make the arguments that there has never been a better time to be a writer. In the age of the internet, everyone has a voice and a way to make their voices heard. Anyone with wifi has the ability to create their own digital portfolio which they can share with anybody in the […]

Past Essay: British Romantic Poetry Midterm

Nature and Woe Out of the provided passages of the poems we read in class, two specific options stood out to me, due to their differing ways of expressing a similar idea. These two passages are the final two stanzas of William Blake’s The Chimney Sweeper (the Songs of Experience version) and the latter half […]

Past Essay: Poetry Workshop Final

In an Ocean of Poets…. Introduction: Despite my love for a good poem, I don’t tend to keep up very well with the big names in modern poetry. When this formal paper was assigned in class, I thought it could be a great opportunity to get more in tune with the up and coming poets […]

Essay Sequence #3: Negative Nostalgia

I still can’t listen to Gettin’ Jiggy With It by Will Smith without cringing. The second that first “Aha” adlib hits, I’m transported back to the fifth grade. On that fateful day in which our groups were to present the line dances that we created in front of the entire class. My group had a […]