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October 2022

The Lovely World of Bears 

By Michael Von George When I think of bears, and of course being from New England, the first thing to come to mind is what to do when confronted with these wild creatures. If it’s brown, lay down. If it’s black, fight back. A fun little rhyme that I have tucked away in the back […]

The Mess of Zadie Smith

From the moment I discovered Zadie Smith, was the moment I was drawn to her writing style. With multiple collections of essays, memoirs, and novels, her writing style is very attractive and the way she pulls from her own personal experiences to make her writing more intense, more relatable. In a collection of Smith’s essays, …

To Trace a Path and To Follow It

Le Guin’s presence, as it has been presented and evolved over the course of her essays, is one of the cartographer.             It happened on a whim, me finding a parent’s old paperback copy of The Lathe of Heaven. When I opened the pages of thar book, the following seeds were planted in my mind’s […]

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Notes Left by the Rambling Library Director

{Note #1: Yes, the author is dead.}               It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but the pieces become rather excitable. You will be starting with the Robert Frost section.               {Note #2: The book containing the famed poem “Road Not Taken” has escaped the shelf again. Please catch and return it.}               Within […]

“Know Better, Do Better”

The life and legacy of Maya Angelou Memoirist. Activist. Poet. Maya Angelou, full name Marguerite Annie Johnson, was a true force to be reckoned with.Throughout her 86 years of life, she wrote seven autobiographies, three books full of essays, a handful of books, while also doing work in theater, cinema, and television. I know Why… Continue reading “Know Better, Do Better”