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September 2022

How Taking a Hike Saved My Life

There were times in my Freshman year of college when I didn’t feel like I was alive. It was a beautiful fall that year, with

Testimony of an Ill-Fated Key Collector

[Evidence Presented: Silver necklace chain with five skeleton keys and one modern master key. Keys are labeled accordingly from left to right.] (Opening Comments:) Your Honor, they open the door. This statement may not mean much to you, but to me, there are many interpretations and many meanings of that sentence that go hand in […]

Gen-Z vs COVID 19

How the pandemic affected us January 21st, 2020. The first day back at Keene State for spring semester. As a freshman in college, the only worry in my mind was whether or not I would make it to 8am. I woke up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and walked across campus to my lecture hall.… Continue reading Gen-Z vs COVID 19

Show don’t tell

The more I read and learn about the essay, the more wrong I find myself.

Essays are about whatever you want

It’s a very difficult process of understanding what essays are actually saying with the excessive amounts of words they use to convey their message. Sometimes the essays are even longer than the works they’re talking about, and not only that, but to such an extent that you wonder what the point is at all of […]

Essays, Essays, Essays

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing to persuade, inform, or entertain, the form of an essay is an important aspect of reaching your goal. The audience of an essay relies on a certain structure to capture their attention, and to clearly highlight pieces of it so that they may be able to take away from …

The Essay Essay

The essay is perhaps the most effective way of getting across information through writing. Whether it be an informal piece about the history of your favorite local pizza joint, or a seven page, highly researched paper about Pacific Island politics, an essay can cover a lot of different ground when presenting information. Essays can do […]