Omar Awwad is an Egyptian exchange student living in the US. Sharing a bit of what he sees

Stephanie Case is a  junior at Keene State College seeking a degree in both American Studies and Management. American Studies held her attention because it is a subject that allows people to question and give new meaning to American culture. She is dedicated and very outgoing.While working hard in school she also has a job that takes up a large portion of her life but school always comes first! As a student she is always very interested and open to new opinions and ideas which the American Studies classes always offer.

Patrick Driscoll is a junior and a student at Keene State College. He is working on a double major in History and American Studies. His academic interests started out with an interest in everything related to World War II, but has shifted to a focus on World War I. This is because he believes that the world is a post World War I world, as well as a post World War II world. His hobbies include, skiing in the winter when, and walking outside in the Spring Summer and Fall. Exercising has also become very important to him, and he works out five times a week doing mainly cardiovascular activities. His life goals are to simply enjoy life while still working hard.

Miles Duhamel is getting a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies at Keene State College. In addition to his education, Miles spends his time seeing live music and uses his inspiration from that to replicate and expand what he hears through his own music, particularly via guitar. He also thoroughly enjoys deep discussions on history, music, philosophy, expanding consciousness, and anything else of the like. 

Rachel LaPanne is a Junior, studying Management with a minor in American Studies. She was an English major, but ultimately chose to go down a different path, even though she tends to still think like an English major and it has changed her perspective on her classes. Linguistics and studying other cultures (particularly sub-cultures) are very interesting to her, and this minor definitely helps her understand other cultures around her. She is particularly interested in classes about the sociology of social media – but when she is not in school or learning more about cultures, she works as a barista at the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Keene.

Benjamin McDonald

Tyler Harrington is a junior at Keene State college. He is a Secondary Education and an American Studies Major. He plans on  receiving his masters in counseling to become a guidance counselor. He is a tattoo enthusiast and much to his mom’s dismay won’t be stopping anytime soon. He is involved with M.V.P on campus, which is part of the counseling center that mentors students to be active bystanders in stopping sexual assaults.

Kerrin McTernan studies at Keene State College where she focuses on her passions through the study of secondary education and American studies. She believes in the constant evolution of knowledge, making her relentless in her search for learning moments. Kerrin thinks critically about her personal experiences as well as the experiences of others to shape her into the empathetic, accountable, intuitive, and genuine person she is today. With support from friends, family, and community Kerrin has become a leader. She is the secretary of the History Honors Society, Phi Alpha Theta, at Keene State College and a campus representative for Okemo Mountain with the highest sales of college passes for the past two years. As an exceedingly determined and invigorated individual, Kerrin seeks new physical and mental challenges through her interests of reading, learning German language, minimalism, skiing, yoga and healing the wounds of nature and society. Above all, Kerrin enjoys using her understanding of resilience, adaptability, awareness, and social justice to mentor others. In the past she has been a caring nanny and an informed tutor at Keene Daycare Center. In the future Kerrin hopes to be a positive influence on society, and specifically on the students of America.

Savannah Robert is an Elementary Education and American Studies major at Keene State College. She has found that the two majors complement each other nicely as American Studies broadens perspectives, teaches history, and enhances reading and writing skills- all important in the classroom. She loves the wonder and amazement found in young students and is looking forward to contributing to the development of their lives. Although she cannot wait to be in the classroom full time, traveling first is very important to her.  She is exploring the possibility of attaining her masters degree in California.

Mitchell Ronzitti is a junior double major at Keene State in Political Science & American Studies. In his free time he enjoys reading, philosophy, and cooking.

Nick Sharek is a junior at Keene State College pursuing a degree in American Studies. After taking a few years off from school while living in Portland, OR he enrolled at a community college before transferring to KSC. He is most interested in learning about perspectives, whether they be contemporary or in history. Race, gender, religion, politics, and geography have influenced our history and society, and continue to impact the American experience.  Outside of school Nick enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, reading, and staying active.

Tori Weinstock is in her third year here at Keene State College where she’s majoring in American Studies with a writing option minor. She really enjoys learning about how we shape the world and how the world shapes us which is why she went down this path. This fall semester Tori studied at the University of Wollongong in Australia. It opened her eyes to how a different culture views America and really made her think about how narrow her ways of thinking had been before. Traveling on the other side of the world alone has given Tori many intangible things you can’t teach, or learn in school and she can’t wait to apply them to my life back in the states. Outside of school, Tori plays lacrosse and avidly works out. Tori is from Brookfield, CT where she grew up playing three sports all year round. She’s not entirely sure what she plans on doing with her major once she graduates. But that’s also what excites her, there are so many doors she feels she can head through, andI can learn more about different interests she never knew she had.