California Dreaming

The Projects Page for the introductory Integrative Studies course California Dreaming includes student projects in the following areas

The Natural and Cultural History of California What do we include, what is not included, and what are the consequences of knowing (or not knowing) the lives and experiences of people as well as animals, as we tell the story of California?

Building and Cultivating California: Architecture, Agriculture, Viticulture The emergence of California—a material and ideological process—depended in large measure on how the growing population lived and the built environments that defined the day-to-day lives of the people drawn to the golden state, as well as the agricultural development that took root in the fertile soils of the central valley and in the wine country on the North Coast and inland valleys.

Representing California: Geography, Literature, Film California dreaming describes a process of making: of associating particular spaces and places with a cultural imaginary we call California. The cliche images of beaches and surfer dudes, palm trees and wide sun-splashed boulevards and the generative subcultural currents that enliven and complicate our dreams. Dreams take hold in our minds and become less ephemeral representations The ongoing imagining, making, constructing, mapping of space, both physical and cultural, across time, inevitably constrained by the limitations of the places where we actually are, and at the same time open to renegotiation: of relations among peoples and places.

California Subcultures and Counterculture and the 1960s If culture is a term that names a dominant or normative set of material things and beliefs in a society then a subculture can be understood as a more refined description of cultures that are always more than constituted as a majority or a dominant group. Subcultures are emergent spaces for people who share common values that often do not align with the more general and abstract idea of a singular culture. Subcultures are often positional, whether explicitly or implicitly diverging or dissenting  from the mainstream culture of which they are a part, or they are a part of the mainstream.

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