Democracy + Culture

This project site features critical and creative explorations at the intersection of art, literature, and engagement. Students produced a Course Trailer or you can go to Democracy + Culture to view the student projects.

Democracy + Culture is an ongoing project for thinking through the problem of defining, building, and sustaining a democratic culture. The culture of democracy is a provisional, open-ended, and imperfect process that makes possible communal decisions while giving equal consideration to the creative expression of individuals. In the words of one of the inspirations for this project, Terry Tempest Williams,

Democracy depends on engagement, a firsthand accounting of what one sees, what one feels, and what one thinks, followed by the artful practice of expressing the truth of our times through our own talents, gifts and vocations

You will find here in the intellectual work of undergraduate students at Keene State College is a first-hand accounting of the emergent edge of what we call democratic culture.

Open Space of Democracy Trailer


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