From Michigan to New Hampshire

Dear class,

Vermont had a good run in the USA hockey national tournament! No losses in regulation. Four wins. And two overtime losses—the second a double-overtime loss in the quarterfinals that earned us a bronze medal in the tournament.

My hope is that the cancelled class on Thursday has provided you with time and space to prepare for our work this week. Please see the Spring Break Checklist to make sure that your work is up to date. Also, I will be reading your Week 10 and week 11 blog posts this evening to prepare for class. I’m especially interested to read your thoughts on Fish and Johnson.

The Course Schedule lists all of the work you are doing this week as we continue talking about the art of writing little. There is much to learn from Christopher Johnson’s Microstyle. My hope is that you are finding the remarkably rich mine of materials for thinking and for writing!

  • On Tuesday we will be talking about and working on a range of short forms from the materials in Microstyle you have read (section 3 to section 18, or pages 66-89 and 160-178). We will also be working from the “six-word stories” you have posted on your blog using the advice Johnson gives in his book. (See page 67 for a useful example.) Have fun with these!
  • On Thursday we will be working in class on exercises based on the readings on conceptual metaphor and poetic patterns. Read 90-159 to prepare for the in-class work.

See you tomorrow!