The Style Blog

Week 2-12:  Style Blog

In addition to the weekly work reading, writing and revising that is listed on the syllabus, you are required to write a blog post on style each week. These short essays (in the form of a blog post) are due each Monday.

Each week you will write and post on your blog a brief essay (or commentary) on what you find interesting and worth knowing about style:

  • The style for these weekly postings will be informative and engaging.
  • Each entry will have a title,  be dated, and provide you with an opportunity to share with your reader what you have learned (or are learning) about style. What you have discovered that all of us would agree is worth knowing about language/style? What have you realized that causes you to say to yourself, “how did I not know that?” How might you take the reader from the simple to the complex, the commonplace to the exceptional?
  • As you progress in the course, and continue to write, revise, and post your essays by the due date, you will also be considering the essays as a collection of essays on style. You are invited to revise or “curate” your blog, reflecting on what you have done and thinking about experimenting with form (sentences, paragraphs) and also consistency of voice

At the end of the semester you will have compiled your own collection of essays on style!