Week 15

Featured Essay Readings Week 15 (and our meeting during final’s week) will be both writing time for you as well as for us to celebrate our work with the essay this semester by sharing some writing. Each student will have fifteen minutes to read a featured essay from the essay sequence. Please note that the featured essay titles, the name of the student author, and the titles of the course blogs below are all links that can be followed to the digital sites

Tuesday April 24, 2018

Gaining Perspective: An Introduction

This Introductory essay by Chelsea Birchmore is from her sequence, Gaining Perspective, that defines the Women’s and Gender Studies major, addresses false assumptions, and shares the value of this educational path for students and society. Chelsea’s course blog The Essay: Poetics and Practice

Living Underwater

An essay by Dylan Ryan from his sequence Living Underwater on the course blog Here Be Essays

Thinking on Thoughts

An essay by Fletcher Rice from his essay sequence on the course blog Shoegazer

Memory vs. Truth Final Draft

An essay by Ben McDonald from his essay sequence Memory on the course blog What Runs Through My Mind

Joan Didion: A Lonely and Resistant Re arranger of Things

An essay by Lucas Thors from the essay sequence Poetics and Prose of Essay Pioneers on the course blog Uncovering the Essay

The Perks and Pitfalls of Teaching with Technology

An essay by Kate Reed from the essay sequence Musings of a Student Teacher on the course blog Musings of a Student Teacher

Thursday April 26

Stuck in Your Head: Storytelling Through Music

An essay by Courtney Janvrin from the essay sequence Storytelling on the course blog Write it Down: thoughts from a crowded brain


An essay by Meghan Hayman from the essay sequence Underlying Thoughts on the course blog The Essay: Caffeine Driven Writing

Clueless Tourists

An essay by Matt Battey from the essay sequence Life Lessons on the course blog Matt’s Essays

Why We Can’t Simply Disenfranchise

An essay by Joey Lendaro from the sequence The Bystander Role on the course blog Darts in the Dark

Heaven Is a Walmart Parking Lot on a 100 Degree Day

An essay by Patrick Taillon from the essay sequence Crusin’ on the course blog Wicked Interesting Stuff Over Here

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

An essay by Devon Sacca from the essay sequence The Aphrodite Project on the course blog The Aphrodite Project