Setting up Shop: Your Domain

For the next fifteen weeks we will be following the development of ideas about the essay (the theory part) and writing essays (the practice part).  All of the essays we will be writing will be public–-syndicated to this course site and published on the open web.

During week one you will set up your domain using a WordPress (WP) installation. Here are the steps you will need to complete:

  • Following our first class session you will request an account using this Google Form. You will then receive an e-mail with a link to create a domain on KSCopen
  • On Thursday, in class, you will do a WP installation to create a project/portfolio site on your domain and a second WP install to create a subdirectory that will be your blog for this course.


From the Far field travel blog

A student who did this in my Environmental Studies class, a biology major Mickayla Johnston, first created a domain on with the web address (or URL)

She then created a subdirectory on the domain mickaylajohnston: a new URL The subdirectory in the URL is “enst363” although the blog title is “The River is Everywhere.”

Here is how this works:

  • Her subdomain name is mickaylajohnson
  • the host of her domain is
  • her course blog is a subdirectory on her subdomain at called “enst363.”

Before we meet, I encourage you to look through the materials on the KSC Open site.  It would be helpful, too, for you to look over the KSC Open Terminology page. In addition, there is a useful tutorial on mapping a domain at The University of Mary Washington Domain of One’s Own site.

We will also begin talking about the issues with writing in the public domain, including audience and genre, privacy, agency and control, copyright and licensing. We will also play around in the open-source application you will be using in this course, WordPress.

Photo credit: Sanwal Deen 

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