Week 16

Please note well that our class on May 1 meets from 1-3

Featured Essay Readings continue this week as we celebrate our work with the essay this semester by sharing some writing. Each student will have fifteen minutes to read a featured essay from the essay sequence. Please note that the featured essay titles, the name of the student author, and the titles of the course blogs below are all links that can be followed to the digital sites

Tuesday May 1

Round Pond Harbor

An essay by Luke Bartlett from the sequence Hidden in Green on the course blog From the Downeast

Meet the Gaymer

An essay by Sam Whitaker from the sequence Puzzle of Me on the course blog The Wacky World of Whitaker 

A letter I will never write

An essay by Savannah Hobbs in the sequence Letters to the Editor from the course blog Hobbs_The Essay

Knocking on Subconscious Door

An essay by Nick Chase from the essay sequence The Breaking Point on the course blog Surveying the Essay

What To Do With the Time We Don’t Have

 An essay by Julia Perry from the sequence Thoughts on the course blog Thought Space

Meditative Thought About Telling Tales

An essay by Anna LeClere. Her essay sequence is Dogs, Guns, Adderall on the course blog Essaying