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May 2018

This Essay is Not About My Phone

My phone is on life support. The only things keeping it alive are a micro-usb IV attached to a portable power bank. The doctors said it needs a replacement battery, however, the manufacturer of the phone decided to make it impossible to do so without tremendous effort and technical know-how (or money), so the phone … Continue reading This Essay is Not About My Phone

Course Reflections

Reflections…       I had no idea what to expect going into this course. When we first began, I initially continued that theme by not having a clue as to what was going on. I was unfamiliar with the idea of essayists, however, soon enough I realized I had been reading the works of essayists all my … Continue reading “Course Reflections”

A Personal Letter

Under educated, underemployed white males seem to be what is widely considered the problem with the country. This is a fact that fascinates me. It fascinates me because it is these individuals who say higher education is full of “snow-flakes” and that these weak kids need “safe zones.” Why? What do these people have against …

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Slots, Cigs, and Scars

Slots, Cigs, and Scars    Two things were realized on the last leg of our journey from the Grand Canyon back to Las Vegas:   1- I was about to go back into the real world, we all were, so the next twenty-four hours in Vegas were to be savored. 2- You can pay not much … Continue reading “Slots, Cigs, and Scars”

Semester Reflection

What have you learned this semester? I have learned that an essay can be more than just a ten page letter to your professor that essentially says “I paid attention this semester”. And looking back I feel like that was an extremely lazy way to view it and probably led me to handing in pieces … Continue reading Semester Reflection


“Do you take Adderall?” “Yes.” “Why?” “So I don’t fail college.” My first interaction with ADHD medication was in college.  I had heard of “Addys” in high school, but had never used them or really been around anyone who did.  Now, it is everywhere I go.  The longer I have been in school, the more…

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Gathering the Strands, and Moving Forward

After the months of time spent familiarizing myself with all aspects of the essay, the time has come for me to address where I stand. With this form in particular, I claimed before to have little love or inspiration to work further. Essay as a word was…

Here You Are, Alive

The world, moist and beautiful, calls to each of us to make a new and serious response. That’s the big question, the …


“You all know me, I hate guns.  I would like to see them all melted down and turned into jewelry for transgender vegans.” –Samantha Bee Perspective I remember being a Junior in high school and listening to my out-of-town friend telling me all about a terrifying lock-down that happened at her school.  She told me…

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