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April 2018

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 Prompt: Write a brief (one sentence or one sentence fragment) description of the post you read or are reading for the class   “Stuck in Your Head: Storytelling Through Music” is a personal and slightly informational essay on the benefits … Continue reading

Gaining Perspective: Table of Contents

This essay sequence seeks to provide reader’s with a concrete definition of the Women’s and Gender Studies discipline so that people can put aside their false assumptions in order to become aware of the value that this educational pathway provides to students and to all of society.   A New Challenge     Debunking The …

Knocking on Subconscious Door

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always struggled with the ability to be confident in my word, never wanting to be confined to some self-principle or hindered by some type of moral dogma. When it came to matters of faith, I never felt truly cemented in one way of worship over another. Being […]

The Waking Point

Imagine this: You wake up in a dark room, a dim light illuminating from somewhere just out of view. Feeling around you find yourself in a bed, your arms strapped to the side for some unknown reason. No matter how much you struggle to break free, the bands confining your wrists do not break. As […]


This sequence of essays is, in large part, about depression. Only one of which will actually address it head on, however, the other two will be, in large part, molded by my own experiences with depression. The Tetris essay, which originally started as a lighthearted piece about getting better at Tetris, instead became an experiential … Continue reading Sequence

Living Underwater

“Having depression is like, I do not know, being underwater.” my therapist told me with her thick Russian accent, seemingly afraid of contractions as most non-native English accents are, obscuring the weight that this analogy would hold. In recent months, I had been struggling to accurately describe how something as nebulous as depression affects me day … Continue reading Living Underwater

Death is Always Different

I want to talk about death, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I want to talk about religious takes on death, but I don’t know nearly enough about any religion to speak on their behalf. In my first essay of this series, I talked about time; something…

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Who Am I?

You’re given a set amount of time to figure out who you are, but you aren’t told how long that is and you aren’t given any instructions on how to do so. You’re told you’ll probably have roughly around 60-80 years and people tell each other what they think is…

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