Writing With Sources

You have two weeks until the first version of your essay is due. Next week is dedicated to continuing your research and to practicing how to integrate source material into your emerging essay.

We will have our writing assistants visit the class and lead you in a writing workshop on using source material in your essay. Follow the link and read the chapter The Art of Quoting from Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkstein’s book They Say / I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing (2006) before we meet next week. This brief chapter will serve as an introduction to the writing workshop and to the intensive work we will be doing with your source material for the rest of the course.

Looking ahead to what you need to do:

Week 7: Research Installment #2 is due on Thursday/Friday
Week 8 First Version of Essay is due on Thursday/Friday
Week 9 Spring Break
Week 10 Conferences: you have two conferences this week: you will be meeting with me to discuss your essay. And you will be meeting with our writing assistants Emily or Sarah to discuss your essay.

Please follow the schedule if you need more detail or contact me if you have any questions. Much of the work you are doing at this stage of the course requires you to work independently. If this is proving challenging to you, please be in touch so that we can help you develop strategies to keep moving.