Week 6 Thursday June 21

Due Thursday: Final Writing Project 

Work on your projects: in our workshop this week I recommended focusing the essays or sections of your essay with direct statements that make clear the mind and landscape/ecopoetic significance of the poems under discussion. Remember that even though you may be profiling a body of work by a poet the poet him or herself is important as the biographical or cultural context help to illuminate the primary purpose of what you are doing: explaining and analyzing mind-poetry-landscape.

Please be in touch with drafts or questions about organizing and presenting information. Please also consider and take advantage of the  affordances of the blog to present your work (putting material on pages, writing an introduction or abstract as a static landing page for your blog/portfolio/site. 

By Tuesday or Wednesday, choose and then send to Mark three poems that you will read / introduce for discussion at our final class meeting. These will be poems concerned with mind and landscape in one way or another, either from your project or that you believe are relevant to the work we are doing together. I will post the poems on the blog. You can either send the poem or a link to the poem if there is a digital version available. 

The final blog/portfolio/site for your work this summer session is due on Thursday. However, if you would like, I am happy to do a final review of your completed work on Thursday and give you a manageable list of  considerations/strategies for a final revision to be due on Friday at the end of the day. If you want to have me do this final review make sure that you have completed the project on your blog by noon on Thursday so that I have time to read and comment on your work.

Self Assessment: What did you learn in this course?

The Wilds of Poetry: Adventures in Mind and Landscape

Comment on what we studies this summer session: the idea that poetry in the twentieth century articulated, in both experiments with form and in content, an awareness of our essential oneness with the world around us.

Production and Reception

What did the materials in this course teach you about how historical, social, and cultural contexts shape literary works?

Language and Poetics

What did the materials in this course teach you how do major genres of literature, rhetorical and literary strategies, and the ways in which literary works relate intertextually?

Criticism and Theory

What did the materials in this course teach you about historical contexts and critical theories that shape literary analysis and inform scholarly debates in the field of literary studies?

Reading and Writing

What did the materials in this course teach you about reading, the use of literary vocabulary, an orderly critical approach, and the use of writing for a range of purposes?