A Summer Solstice 2018 Poetry Reading

This present moment
that lives on

to become

long ago

–from Gary Snyder, This Present Moment: New Poems


Wallace Stevens Of Modern Poetry from Collected Poems (1923)


Wendell Berry Anger Against Beasts (1971)

Robert Creeley, Water (1967)

Robert Duncan Styx from Ground Work II: In the Dark (1967)

Robert Pack The Big Bang (1968)

Denise Levertov A Ring of Changes (1959)


William Wordsworth I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud (1807)

Robert Frost Birches (1916)

Gary Snyder A Dent in the Bucket from Danger on Peaks (2004)


Gary Snyder The Hudsonian Curlew , from Turtle Island (1974)

Gary Snyder Night Song of the Los Angeles Basin, from Mountains and Rivers Without End (1996), Gary Snyder reading Night Song of the Los Angeles Basin at the Tales From Two Cities: Writing From California – LA Conference (2014)

Denise Levertov Sojourns in a Parallel World from Sands from the Well (1996)

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