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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Episode 62 October 25 2017 A Meditation on Climate Change. In 4 Acts with an Extra Earth is Not OK FT. Ingrid Michaelson

The Ad Council
Crying Indian Campaign
Keep American Beautiful Campaign

Smokey the Bear
History of Smokey the Bear

US Department of Agriculture
Woodsy Owl: Forest Service U.S.D.A. (U.S. Department of Agriculture), Public Service Council

Edward Abbey
1982 PBS affilate Interview with Edward Abbey by Eric Temple: Part OnePart TwoPart Three

Smithsonian Museum
Environmental Artifacts

Trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Greenpeace: Trailer for How to Change the World: The Revolution will Not be Organised

In addition to viewing the film on Greenpeace, Fandor: All for Film includes an archive of documentary films from around the world that take up environmental issues and questions. For example, can follow out some of the issues raised by Rachel Carson in Silent Spring by watching the film Living Downstream. (The cost is 10.00/month or an introductory 7.95/month subscription for 12 months.)


literature and environmentalism at keene state college

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